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Industry leaders in content and commerce are joining forces to create optimized customer experiences for global clients. Blue Acorn iCi, a data-driven, strategic consultancy, is launching in response to growing strategic needs from digital customers and the obstacles brands face in creating cohesive customer experiences. Blue Acorn iCi brings over a decade of unparalleled expertise and delivers successful solutions to global companies at the intersection of strategy, data science, development, and digital experience.

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NEW YORK, April 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — BrandShop (, the end-to-end branded digital commerce solutions provider, announced today a partnership with Logicbroker (, an automated, cloud-based e-commerce platform for supply chain logistics. The full back-office integration with Logicbroker will enable BrandShop’s Commerce Engine to effortlessly exchange information with its brand partners, streamlining the management of consignment inventory, electronic data interchange (EDI), drop shipping, and retail supply chain logistics.

The BrandShop Commerce Engine, which powers brand marketplaces on desktop and mobile, features a Content Management System (CMS), Order Management System (OMS) and digital commerce functionality. Together with Logicbroker, the new partnership will centralize the back-end supply chain process, eliminating the need for manual data entry and multiple login portals to verify, update and complete orders.

“Until now, managing the flow of data between supplier and retailer systems has been a time-consuming, manual integration process,” said Aaron Turner, CTO at BrandShop. “Logicbroker brings a key component to the BrandShop Commerce Engine that will allow us to significantly improve customer satisfaction, integrate with new suppliers or retailers in minutes instead of days and eliminate the costly errors that arise from lost, incorrect or out-of-stock orders.”

With Logicbroker, BrandShop’s Commerce Engine can now connect directly with ERP systems, accounting software, OMS, shopping cart and trading partners to centralize and simplify the flow of information between partners and internal systems.

Logicbroker’s integration with BrandShop’s Commerce Engine will allow it to:

  • Automatically send inventory updates to partners quickly and effortlessly
  • Integrate the shopping cart with existing ERP systems
  • Seamlessly communicate via EDI, XML, and API
  • Map EDI’s so documents flow effortlessly between systems
  • Send and receive order documents in a single, uniform format

“Logicbroker brings critical support to our evolving role in providing branded digital commerce solutions for the Fortune 1000,” said Reuben S. Hendell, co-founder & CEO of BrandShop. “By unifying the way information is being transmitted between us and our partners, this partnership will reduce information inaccuracy to further our goals in creating the best shopping experience for consumers.”

“We share a similar mission in enabling the frictionless flow of information between our customers and their trading partners,” said Peyman Zamani, CEO at Logicbroker. “Simplifying digital commerce exchange will strengthen BrandShop’s position as a turn-key solution by providing an enhanced engine of growth for today’s leading brands.”

About BrandShop
BrandShop is the leading provider of branded digital commerce solutions for Fortune 1000 companies. Powering the growth of brand marketplaces, BrandShop fuses technology, design and fulfillment capabilities to streamline the way products are discovered and purchased. Co-founded by Brian F. Martin and Reuben S. Hendell, BrandShop works with more than 70 clients including Casio, Coca-Cola, Cuisinart, Ford, Hershey’s, Ping, Samuel Adams and Waterpik.

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About Logicbroker
Logicbroker Inc. delivers logicbroker, a cloud-based platform for EDI, drop ship automation, and eCommerce integrations. With logicbroker, suppliers, retailers, and third party logistics providers can connect their fragmented digital commerce systems via API, web portal, or industry standard protocols such as EDI and XML. Seamlessly integrate with robust platforms like Magento and NetSuite, and external trading partners such as Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart while reducing your cost per transaction and effortlessly exchanging procurement information electronically with your website, ERP, suppliers, and EDI trading partners.

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