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NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — BrandShop (, the full-service digital commerce solutions provider, today released a survey exploring current consumer preferences as it relates to the online shopping experience. In BrandShop’s 2015 Digital Consumer Preferences Survey, brands can gain insight into the gap between the current state of online shopping and the new expectations of today’s consumers. The survey uncovers the growing importance of enabling fully functional, direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce experiences as part of a brand’s comprehensive digital strategy.

“Our survey reveals that transacting is a vital part of how consumers want to engage with a brand, and DTC brand marketplaces are the best destinations for consumers to experience a brand and its products in a way that only a brand can deliver,” said Reuben S. Hendell, CEO of BrandShop. “Currently, brands are underinvesting in direct to consumer initiatives, but are starting to catch up to these changes in the marketplace.”

According to the survey, 82% of consumers surveyed expect to be able to transact directly with their favorite brands–in fact, 88% of those surveyed prefer it as a trusted alternative to transacting with third party retailers. It is imperative for brands to recognize the value of building closer relationships with their consumers through DTC e-commerce channels. Brands who meet the desires and expectations of consumers stand to gain increases in revenue and brand loyalty while conveying a clear, omnichannel voice.

A recent Forrester report states that US businesses spent just $6 billion on e-commerce technology and support in 2014. In contrast, total advertising spend by US businesses is expected to reach $187 billion this year. Coupled with the fact that 72% of consumers surveyed were not fully satisfied with the current online shopping experience provided by brands, there exists a huge opportunity for brands who are looking to improve their digital capabilities.

“For years, brands have invested in engaging with consumers across a host of mediums only to forget that true consumer engagement happens when they interact directly with a brand. BrandShop’s survey results demonstrate how new consumer preferences are changing the paradigm of e-commerce and there’s a much needed return to focusing on direct consumer engagement and transaction,” said Greg Johnson, EVP, co-ECD at Swirl

Furthermore, the report provides valuable insights on how brands can better engage with digital shoppers and the underlying significance of enabling DTC e-commerce, including:

  • Online shopping frequency and methods of initial discovery
  • The most essential step in the customer journey as is relates to shopper conversion
  • Consumer satisfaction with existing branded digital stores
  • Factors that impact a consumer’s perception of a site’s authenticity and legitimacy
  • Who consumers hold accountable for any shortcomings in the online shopping experience

“Brands have historically operated as marketing machines that didn’t take part in the point of purchase. However, BrandShop’s findings reveal the benefits of interlocking brand marketing and content with digital commerce to provide the best customer experience — regardless of where the end transaction occurs,” said Voxx CEO, Pat Lavelle. “Expanding brand involvement in the purchasing process increases brand awareness, builds customer loyalty and strengthens the entire channel ecosystem, benefiting retail partners and consumers alike.”

To download a free copy of BrandShop’s 2015 Digital Consumer Preferences Survey, please visit:

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BrandShop is the leading provider of branded digital commerce solutions for Fortune 1000 companies. Powering the growth of direct-to-consumer Brand Marketplaces, BrandShop fuses technology, design and fulfillment capabilities to streamline the way products are discovered and purchased. Co-founded by Brian F. Martin and Reuben S. Hendell, BrandShop works with more than 70 clients including Casio, Coca-Cola, Cuisinart, Ford, Hershey’s, Ping, Samuel Adams and Waterpik.

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